LALA Symposium
Learning Analytics for Feedback at Scale.
Leuven – Belgium

The KU Leuven, together with the partners of the LALA Project, organized in Leuven – Belgium, the Symposium Learning Analytics for Feedback at Scale. This event held on Monday, July 1, 2019, aimed to contribute to bridging the gap between research and actual educational practice. This symposium, in particular, focused on using learning analytics to provide the involved stakeholders with feedback at scale. These stakeholders can be students, teachers, but also student advisers or policymakers. For this, the symposium had the participation and exposure of several members of the Project and KU Leuven academic staff.


LALA Framework

In order to support the development and adoption of learning analytics in this region, the project “Building Capacity to Use Learning Analytics to Improve Higher Education in Latin America (LALA Project)” – co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union- has developed the LALA framework (or LALA Framework). The objective of this framework is to guide the design, implementation and use of learning analytical tools in Higher Education Institutions in Latin America. This LALA framework has been developed in joint work with Latin American and European universities, taking as a reference the framework proposed by the SHEILA project and other European projects.

Specifically, the framework is composed of four fundamental dimensions: 1) the Institutional dimension, which considers the current and desired state of the institution in relation to policies and strategies for the incorporation of LA tools; 2) the Technological dimension, which considers the technical needs for the adoption and / or the design and implementation of LALA tools in the institution; 3) the Ethics dimension, which considers the necessary guidelines for the ethical use of data, safeguarding the privacy of users, maximizing the benefits associated with the use of educational data and minimizing the possible risks of their manipulation; and, 4) the Communal dimension, which proposes a series of guidelines for the institution to be integrated into a LALA Community and thus have support for research and development in this area.

Each of these dimensions is addressed in a manual, and each manual describes the methodologies and instruments to support different processes. This work has been protected by Creative Commons (CC) with the aim of facilitating adaptation and use for other contexts. The link to the LALA Framework document is the following: https://www.lalaproject.org/deliverables/

Fifth “face-to-face” coordination meeting of the LALA project

The fifth coordination meeting of the LALA project took place on November 27th and 28, 2018 in the City of Cuenca – Ecuador. This meeting, besides dealing with administrative issues and project management, had as a main objective to present the advances in the development of the “back-end” of the learning analytics tools that are being adapted. Likewise, a LALA architecture was proposed that is composed of the following elements: web application (front-end and back-end), anonymization service, authorization server and database, with the aim that each institution will replicate this architecture. Additionally, the preliminary results of the early warning system for the detection of students at risk of dropping out (UC3M) and the advances in the design of the counseling tool (KU Leuven) were presented. The University of Edinburgh, for its part, is helping all Latin American partners to use the On Task learning analytics tool. This tool is especially useful for providing feedback and personalized learning. Finally, during this meeting, agreements were established on the tasks to be carried out to adapt the learning analytics tools, their managers and deadlines. Also, it was agreed that the data collection for pilots will begin in April 2019 and the piloting phase will end in June 2020. The next coordination meeting will be in Valdivia, Chile, from March 20 to 21, 2019. On the other hand, on March 18 and 19, the II Latin American Conference on Learning Analyzes will be held – LALA 2019 organized by Universidad Austral de Chile.

Symposium “Learning analytics for management in Higher Education Institutions. Ecuador Chapter”

The University of Cuenca, together with the partners of the LALA Project, organized in Cuenca – Ecuador, the Symposium “Learning Analytics for Management in Institutions of Higher Education. Ecuador Chapter “. This event, held on Monday, November 26, 2018, aimed to present the benefits and challenges of the implementation of the Learning Analytics in Latin America to the main representatives and researchers of the Universities of the Region. Likewise, different tools were presented that are being developed and adapted by the members of the LALA Project. For this, the symposium had the participation and exposure of several members of the Project.