About the Workshop

The field of Learning Analytics and Academic Analytics has grown considerably in recent years. In Europe, institutions of higher education (IHE) have developed the abilities necessary for the design and implementation of tools that offer support in analysis of the learning process, curricular management of academic programs, and informed decision-making. Thanks to these advances, these institutions have been able to modernize. Meanwhile, in Latin America there is a shortage of local capacity to design and construct these specialized tools to improve the management of IHEs.

Currently, many of the decisions made by Latin American IHEs regarding academics are based on perceptions or general sentiments. IHEs are generating a great quantity of data on a daily basis, but this is usually ignored or in some cases utilized to create reports with little utility for decision-making. For this reason, in Latin American countries there is an urgent need to share, join forces, and grow together in many areas, but especially in those that could lead us to improve our level of education as nations.

Learning analytics is considered by many to be the pillar of a new educational era that is in the developmental stage, and Latin American countries need to maintain an active forum for the discussion of existing alternatives in this area, which could be applied to our regional contexts. LALA is intended to be a forum of this type, where researchers, developers, and educational professionals are able to share experiences and technological advances in the field of learning analytics and integrate them into their teaching and learning contexts.

This year, the Universidad Austral de Chile, together with the partners that form the LALA project consortium (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Spain, University of Edimburgh – United Kingdom, Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium, Universidad de Cuenca – Ecuador, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – Chile, and Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) – Ecuador), is organizing the II Latin American Conference on Learning Analytics – LALA 2019, which will be held in Latin America for the second time.

This conference will take place March 18th and 19th in the city of Valdivia, Chile. The conference has the objectives of (1) reflecting the development of learning analytics in our countries, (2) acting as a window to observe the state of the art of learning analytics in other nations, and (3) presenting the learning analytics community in Latin America. Additionally, workshops will be carried out with the aim of training and capacitating researchers interested in the topic with the help of prestigious presenters who are part of the LALA project consortium.

You can participate by sharing your experiences or research through the presentation of a scientific article, or by joining in the various exhibitions and discussions that will take place during the conference.