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Adolfo Ruiz Calleja, Sofía García, Kairit Tammets, Cecilia Aguerrebere and Tobias Ley Scaling Learning Analytics up to the national level: the experience from Estoniaand Uruguay
Claudio Alvarez, Alyssa Wise, Sebastian Altermatt and Ignacio Aránguiz Predicting academic results in a modular computer programming course for engineering freshment
Juan Pablo Salazar-Fernández, Marcos Sepúlveda and Jorge Muñoz-Gama Describing educational trajectories of engineering students in individual high-failure rate courses that lead to late dropout
Sofía García Cabeza, Antonio López Arredondo, Pablo Massaferro, Nicolás Rubido and Alvaro Margolis Hirt Professional networks in online learning processes
Mario Patricio Peña Ortega, Fabian Bravo and Lourdes Illescas Peña Learning Analytics, dashboard for academic trajectory
Néstor Darío Duque-Méndez, Emilcy J Hernández-Leal and Julian Moreno Cadavid Analysis of data in an educational platform with MMOG features
Oscar Eduardo Cala Wilches and Victor Hugo Grisales Palacio Learning Analytics en Colombia: una revisión de la literatura y un análisis del esfuerzo de investigación en el ámbito local
Luis Magdiel Oliva Córdova, Héctor R. Amado-Salvatierra, Leonel Monterroso Torres, Maylin Suleny Bojórquez Roque and Klinge Villalba Condori. A learning analytics experience using interaction visualization dashboards to support virtual tutoring
Aleksander Dietrichson, John Whitmer and Diego Forteza. Meta-Predictive Retention Risk Modeling: Risk Model Readiness Assessment at Scale with X-Ray Learning Analytics
João Batista Carvalho Nunes, Viviani Maria Barbosa Sales and João Bosco Chaves. Learning Analytics in MathematicsTeacher Education at the Ceará State University
Andrés Felipe Pineda Corcho and Julián Moreno Cadavid. Traceability of learning activities in computer programming courses using an automatic online judge within an LMS
Dante Saavedra-Sánchez, Martha Vidal-Sepúlveda and Cristian Olivares-Rodríguez Effort analysis of computational thinking process over a gamified and non-gamified environments
Sergio Celis, Dany López and Javier Silva Analyzing the influence of online behaviors and learnings approaches on academic performance in first year engineering
Sebastián Moreno Rodríguez, Jossie Esteban Murcia and Triviño and María Irma Díaz Rozo. Towards an automatic text-based emotion classifier for supporting emotional learning in a higher education institution